vSTARS Features

vSTARS aims to be a high-fidelity simulation of the real-world STARS system. Technical limitations of the VATSIM infrastructure limit the number of real-world STARS features that can be implemented, but nearly all of the useful features have been included:

  • Full-screen mode for enhanced realism.
  • On-screen simulation of hardware knobs and switches.
  • RDVS (Rapid Deployment Voice Switch) simulation.
  • CRDA (Converging Runway Display Aid) simulation, to assist with sequencing arrivals into converging runways.
  • MSAW (Minimum Safe Altitude Warning) simulation.
  • Conflict detection.
  • Full radar coverage volume simulation.
  • TPA (Terminal Proximity Alert) graphics, including J-Rings and TPA Cones.
  • Video Maps with adjustable brightness and separate map groups.
  • Top-down mode for VATSIM controllers covering Approach and Local positions. (Allows aircraft on the ground to be visible.)
  • Automatic tracking of departures.
  • CA suppression zones to prevent nuisance conflict alerts.
  • MSAW suppression zones to prevent nuisance low altitude alerts.
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